What is Legumeat®?

Legumeat® is a versatile, healthy and easy to prepare food product!

Legumeat® is a new concept in using legumes as a meat substitute. It is a product based on vegetable protein made from a careful combination of legumes and cereals to ensure a complete nutritional profile.

  • ✔ High-protein content
  • ✔ High-fibre content
  • ✔ Low-fat content
  • ✔ Low-saturated fat content
  • ✔ Low-salt content
  • ✔ No additives
  • ✔ Gluten free
  • ✔ No added sugars

You can use Legumeat® as a base for preparing all kinds of healthy and tasty plant-based dishes. We have created an innovative product with a meat-like texture and neutral flavour so you can use it in a whole range of recipes.cetas.

Cook with Legumeat® however you want!

Legumeat® is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and anyone who, for various reasons related to ethics, health or the environment, wish to minimise or eradicate meat from their diet.

Legumeat® offers innovative nutrition, providing a base for a whole range of healthy and tasty dishes!

How is Legumeat® made??

Legumeat® contains non-GMO fat-free soy flour, rice flour and bean flour.

It is created through extrusion, a simple process which has been used for years in the food industry. This is a thermal-mechanical process for quick, continuous and even cooking.

During the production process, the protein content is restructured to achieve organoleptic characteristics similar to meat, both in terms of bite and texture. The extrusion process also makes it highly digestible and improves its functional benefits.

Why cereals and legumes?

Proteins are amino acid chains which our body needs in order to function properly. Some of these amino acids can be synthesised by the body while others, known as essential amino acids, must be provided through the food we eat, in the quantities and proportions needed for each cell to create the specific type of protein it needs.

Legumeat® contains high biological value vegetable protein as it provides all the essential amino acids at just the right amounts.

50 g of protein per 100 g of dried product, less than 2% vegetable fats, no additives and a high-fibre content!